SSL Certificate

Millions of websites and applications which involves with personal data input are compromised at higher rates today. To prevent your customer data and to provide your customer peace of mind and confidence level towards your brand and company, SSL certificates helps businesses and their applications to secure their end customer personal data with more advanced technologies.

SSL is an acronym of Secure Socket Layer and is essential for any business which uses payment gateway and contact forms in its website. SSL provides a secure connection between a web browser and the server. This Secure Socket Layer protocol used to for sending confidential data over the internet converts them into an encrypted format and retains data privacy before relaying to server. Thus your customer’s classified information that hits the servers are protected leveraging SSL.

Advantage of SSL Certificate Encryption

Only intended recipients are allowed to read the original data been transmitted through internet using SSL Certificate and its by passes rest of the unauthorized third party’s due to encryption.


Enabling SSL certificate into a website ensures authentication which means a lot to your customer’s trust towards your business and brand in the market for keeping their data confidential.


Before enabling SSL certificate into a website designed by a professional and experts in the field, the provider runs complete checks of your website ensuring the domain and as well the company/business entity is genuine and the identity is clear in all manners.

Customer Trust

A SSL certificate enabled website show in your browser with a page URL starts with https:// and not with http:// . This creates trust and confidence for your customers to do transactions or input any personal data in your site.


The Secure Socket Layer Certificate provides protection to you data (passwords, name, etc.,) in any form like phishing attacks through mass emails by any unauthorized third party’s.

Google Search Engine Rankings SEO

Having a SSL certificate improves your search engine ranking especially for Google Search engine as the global search engine master has recently added SSL as one of the ranking parameter for search results. Better ranking provides competitive advantage.

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Types of SSL Certificates offered by Belthink

  • Positive SSL
  • EVSSL (Extended Validation SSL Certificates)
  • OVSSL (Organization Validation SSL Certificates)

SSL Certificate is a digital certificate provided by authorized companies directly or thru their distributed partners.