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“Digital Marketing” activity was first started way back in mid of 1980’s using floppy disk drives by M/s Channel Net (then known to be Soft Ad Group) for various passenger cars promotions and to offer test drives. However, the term was coined and was first used in 1990’s. Since then “Digital Marketing” is under rapid evolution and is converging on every single business entity closer to their customers.

Twenty first century witnesses a tremendous revolution in the marketing techniques and its processes. To say in perfect, Marketing has gone viral from business to business and business to consumers across verticals. Marketing processes have evolved basis customer expectations and increase in competitions.

The term “Digital Marketing” obviously means its dependence on technologies which is witnessing the changes constantly. The term “Digital Marketing” is most popular across the globe but nevertheless in United States of America it’s termed as “Online Marketing”, in Italy as “Web Marketing”, and in some parts of the world as “Internet Marketing”.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

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The broad difference between “Traditional Marketing” and “Digital Marketing” is the feature of real time analysis of marketing campaigns, which is possible only in “Digital Marketing” and finding exactly what is working for the company and what not. “Digital Marketing” enables organizations to drive more sales and as well helps create a strong relationship between the organization and their customers. “Digital Marketing” enables organizations to leverage multiple channels and methods compared to sticking onto a single channel force and a method. “Digital Marketing” provides more insights which are in depth and relevance and are essential for any marketer who seeks best of results conforms to his strategies.

Transition of consumers towards Digital world

In today’s world, every single business process is transitioning towards digital process to meet their specific digital targets. Majority of the business needs and most of daily personal need of consumers across the world are searched and found thru digital platforms like google, Facebook, etc.

More than 3 billion searches are done every day thru Google Search engine, the most powerful and famous search engine in the world.

More than 400 Million tweets are sent every day

More than 117 million skype calls are made every day

More than 1.5 Billion active users in Facebook and

More than 153 Billion emails are sent every day

“Digital Marketing” includes search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Campaigns, Social Networking and optimization, Display advertising and e-commerce marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies

“Digital Marketing” helps business units to segment their targeted markets or geography with more focus both in B2B and B2C. It creates collaborative environment for an organization, service provider and user in terms of sharing the resources, infrastructures and reusability and digital optimization. Remarketing activities are playing major role these days by placing effective advertisements for web searchers. Remarketing is a tactic used by organizations thru “Digital Marketing” and it’s a psychological driver to pull the searcher towards them into a convertible customer. This method of attracting an individual web searcher towards their product or service by means of effective marketing contents and converting them as a customer is called PULL digital marketing strategy.

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While PULL digital marketing strategy attracts an online surfer who is continuously and consciously seeking related marketing contents, PUSH digital marketing strategy slightly differs and thru PUSH strategy marketers promotes or send the contents or messages without being sought by the recipients. The best example for PUSH digital marketing strategy is direct email marketing. Every individual in the world with an email access would have experienced at the least in any point in their digital life time about this PUSH digital marketing – Direct email marketing. Globally most of the companies across world by some means perform this PUSH digital marketing activity – Direct e-Mail Marketing. Companies or groups or communities have used this direct mail marketing almost 100% before the evolution of social media and search engines and their possibilities. Whilst other channels of marketing are available now nevertheless organizations or groups or communities leverage the direct mail marketing platform to reach their target specific goals.

Digital Marketing Channels

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Let us now, move towards the different types of channels used for “Digital Marketing”. “Digital Marketing” are performed thru various channels to reach the potential target audience:

Affiliate marketing

Display advertising

Direct Email marketing

Search Engines

Social Networking

Online Campaigns

Video advertisings


Of the above-mentioned channels, the hottest and latest trend is Infographics.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Large Coverage Your content can be reached to a pretty large number of people at once and as well with a scheduled delivery.
Real time engagement An advantage over other mediums of marketing by engaging with customers on real time basis thru online campaigns.
Less Cost Provides a handful of leads and convertible business at a much lesser Cost than compared to any marketing methods.
More Revenues Provides increased revenues for a sustainable time frame and with expected ROI.
Easy Track & Analysis You can track thru simple tools and analyze the types of customers in an effective way. This creates an edge over other marketing methods

Growth of Digital Marketing in India Market

India is the second largest country in the world with 342+ million internet users, with a highly social and mobile audience. India has surpassed USA, the then second largest internet users in world (Current internet users in USA: 308+ million). At this current pace with such a large number of internet users, India market is set to grow at lethal speed with more and more online transactions. An estimate says approximately 80 million transactions are expected to happen via internet by 2020 in India.

Total Digital advertisements spend in India 2750 Crores (USD 538.09 Million)
Online Search Advertisements 1045 Crores (USD 204.5 Million) - 38%.
Online display Advertisements 797.5 Crores (USD 156.0 Million) - 29%
Other Online Advertisements 907.5 Crores (USD 177.7 Million) - 33%

Why Belthink for Digital Marketing?

In today’s marketing world, to address the compelling issues of a customer are more important than anything else. This drives Belthink day-in and day-out with its customers and it makes the customers feel satisfied and happy by serving with utmost priorities than anything else. Belthink is chosen by its customers for many reasons like extensive research, latest technologies, giving the right fit of solutions to the problems, meeting the solutions within budget and limited time frame, etc., Belthink offers its customers more than expected in terms of marketing support. Belthink provides its customers knowledge exposure, make them understand in detail, convincing solutions with right strategies, techniques to grow their leads, platform to increase their revenues, sustainable environment to retain their customers, etc., Belthink shares its immense digital marketing experience and knowledge thru its valuable resources with great tactical plans and strategies to drive more customers, sales ,revenues and to reach their brand to targeted potential audience in a large scale manner than never before they have experienced for themselves.

Path towards Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is now more focused towards social Media than other channels like newsletters, digital magazines, etc., This is because the world is moving towards social Medium based world with any information at any time in to the pockets of customers thru their pocket device called Smart Phones. The communication is now heading towards Mobile devices enabled solutions. The infrastructure for relaying any piece of message from one person to other are now strategically driven towards mobile phones devices. With that as the base for future generation, Smart Phones will furthermore play a much vibrant role in the digital marketing space helping marketers understand the buyer’s personas in more intelligent ways.