Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has proved to be the right business generating techniques globally. Our achievement lies in the fact, that 90% of our emails reach the client’s inbox and not the spam box. We have the following policies in sending out emails :

  • We are transparent in our marketing strategy.
  • We make our clients clear that this is an email to market a business/product.
  • We do not bombard people with lot of mails.
  • We build a personal rapport with our clients by using the appropriate contents in the email.
  • We target the right audience.
  • Our emails do focus in creating the brand awareness apart from the point of selling the business/product.
  • We try to convince the customer in a dignified manner and not through false promises.
  • We spend a lot of time in collecting prospectus email addresses.

E Mail marketing is very effective in the factor of ROI, and this can be tracked by us effectively. Traditional mails have gone obsolete nowadays, since email marketing is cheaper and effective.

For e-commerce businesses we create a higher response rate with our email marketing. We advertise the latest website-package-pricing-chennai, advantages of buying the product, limitations with other dealers etc.