Dedicated IP Address

Like for humans the necessity of a language is inevitable to communicate with one another and to express their views, Computers or devices too need to communicate with one another. For Computers and any hardware devices, the communication between them is facilitated through the addresses which are nothing but a string of numbers known as an Internet Protocol or IP address. In computer terminology this could be confined to as TCP/IP suite. TCP refers to “Transmission Control Protocol”.

Why Dedicated IP Address

As we all know, when we connect to a broadband connection or network set up in our home environment, the IP address (dynamic IP) keeps changing at time intervals every time they connect. This may be OK for home environments as the criticality is minimal due to less usage of data and as well the bandwidth. But in case of business environments IP plays a vital role as most of the business houses depend on high speed in combination of large bandwidth connectivity ‘s in order to ascertain their data transfer and to enable advanced internet features. Hence Dedicated IP addresses are imminent for any business setup.

Features of Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP are configured to a particular domain and all their relevant products or systems connected to a domain (like web applications, emails, etc.,) can be controlled even from remote set up. Hence just by changing a Dedicated IP address we can turn off the modem or router from remote and thus the server and emails can be made unreached when there is an uncertainty.

IP addresses are generally 32 bit numbers which identifies a device in the internet and are represented in four parts such as 300.25.1.10. Dedicated IP addresses are no different from dynamic IP addresses when it comes to number of digits and as well in their representation. However Dedicated IP addresses are unique in nature since they will be assigned to only one device or a circuit of protocols maintained by a device or node and hence it’s much easier to establish a VPN set up for remote access to your business networks environments.

Though Dedicated IP addresses would cost a business networked devices, compared to threat environments and down times seen using dynamic IP addresses are far less and are much cheaper now. You can check with our sales representative or contact us to get a Dedicated IP address for your business networks and for a range of solutions to protect from any threats.

Advantages of using Dedicated IP addresses

  • Remote access set up in minimal time and with complete control.
  • Good for dedicated services like emails, database servers, FTP and VPN Servers.
  • Improvises geo-location services.
  • Enables to have a private SSL Certificate or an EVSSL certificate which provides data encryption, domain validation and as well business entity validation for online presence.
  • Enables to have a malware protection software integration which provides defense from any malware or other threats to networks or its applications.
  • Anonymous FTP functions and local host functions.
  • Point domain names to your Dedicated IP address and hence act as a virtual domain name in terms of number formats.
  • Affordable cost