Social Media Marketing

BELTHINK offers dazzling Social Media Marketing in which the following areas are covered :

  • Social Media Business A/c Creation
  • Face book Marketing
  • Image updates for business
  • Increase awarness of your company profile in Social Media

Social Media Business Ac Creation

We create Social Media Business accounts, which has become inevitable in the current internet market scenario. We Create business accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. An elegant profile for your business is created and your promotional activities starts here. Links of the above social media pages are created in the website footer, so that end users find it easy to navigate on the pages.

Facebook Marketing

Among the Social Media Business Accounts, Facebook is the monster. In fact some people have started to rely on their marketing only through Facebook. We effectively market your business through Facebook. We monitor the no. of ‘Likes’ and analysis is done to increase it. Reach to end users is made sure through target based Fb re-marketing.

Image Updates for Business

We regularly post images and phrases to promote your business and we monitor the response continuously. We prefer vivacious images and our phrases are written in manner to intrude the end user’s mind.

Increase awarness of your company profile in Social Media

The responses obtained in Social Media is monitored/tracked and promotions to those responses are followed up in order to maintain the consistency of promotions and not to miss out even a single response. This is done through paid services.