Web Applications

With hands on experience in writing more than 3 Million Plus lines of codes, we adopt strategic development process for any web application.

Our Web Application Development Processes are as follows.

  • Discussion with the Clients about the goals, objectives and the entirety of the application.
  • Understand the integrity of the requirements.
  • Analyze the requirements in different aspects.
  • Huddle internally about the business requirements of application - feasibility, viability and Strategy to develop effectively.
  • Draft the Specification requirements.
  • Selection of Technology (both front end and Back end and its Framework)
  • Implement SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Process.
  • Also identify (if required) the Payment Gateway, Web Security, Firewall, Servers Capability and Load Balancer
  • Design Layout, Architecture, UI/UX and Framework
  • Design Synchronously the Database Structure.
  • Develop Application Modules, Libraries and Classes.
  • Integrate the Web Security, Payment gateway, Firewall, etc.,
  • Complete the Design and Development of Web Application in all aspects conforms to Specification requirements.
  • Do Beta Testing vigorously and fix the Bugs if any.
  • Load the Application data to identified Server and run Live Test using appropriate tolls.
  • Bring the Application to Live!!

As one of the best and experienced Web Application Development Company, we adopt the above listed processes stringently irrespective of the size of the application or its entirety. As a pioneer in web application design & development with expertise in place who handle the complete processes involved, we deliver the application smoothly in committed time line. Though we adhere to standard procedures, our focus on design and development will never lose its edge regards to client’s sense of output in terms of ambience and satisfaction. We offer unbounded web development services and we also cater web application development to a wide range. We provide custom based website development in accordance to the need of the customer.

We provide cloud-based application developments embedded with latest features leveraging new technologies in place. Our team, highly trained and built with culture of processes and policies, Fun and Giggles, with more than 20 + Years of experience in development and project management, are ready to take up the challenges and to deliver the best you have dreamt of with best of its architecture.